Why Study at UniKL Business School

"We Mould Leaders… who make a world difference"

Primary Objectives

  • To provide a platform for the academicians, researchers, and entrepreneurs to to share ideas and discuss issues pertaining business and entrepreneurship.

  • To provide managerial and strategic thinking skills for students to successfully compete in the world of globalization and liberalization economy.

  • To contribute towards UniKL’s vision of becoming the premier entrepreneurial technical university in terms of academic and research.

  • To produce graduates of professional business qualification.

UniKL Business School learning is knowledge put into practice
The programmes offered are unique compared to other existing business schools. UniKL Business School provides the opportunity for you to create an individualized program and learn about every area of technology, business and entrepreneurship. You will get the core business fundamentals to meet any challenge plus exposure to engineering technology fields that appears in your career; additionally, the specialized skills to achieve your vision.

Relevant Knowledge
You learn from experienced faculty members who bridge research, practice and hands-on knowledge, skill and experience into classroom learning. We believe with knowledge that is founded on rigor and integrated learning across disciplines will enable you to cope with new challenges as they arise.

Scale and Scope
With the broad scale and scope of our programs (business, entrepreneurship and engineering technology) you can pursue your individual interests. Choose one from several majors, or design your own program with elective subjects and be able to take classes in other local business schools.

Leadership Learning
Our partners (foreign and local business schools) and business community offer countless chances to develop your leadership skills in practice, from business operation, customers relations, corporate governance and finance that will bring you to national, and international business practices and culture.

Innovative Curriculum
UniKL Business School learning is more than cases. Our continually innovative learning environment features unique experiential and team-based learning methods, problem-based learning, pioneering interdisciplinary programs, and technology-enhanced learning tools so distinctive that we you will be proud to experience.